One of the most important the 21st century skills is the ability to negotiate constructive resolutions in the face of conflicts of interest. Negotiation is a form of communication that requires more than just language ability. It requires being able to listen to and communicate with others within a milieu of diverse language abilities, academic, professional and cultural backgrounds in an increasingly global society. Negotiation is problem solving where the bringing together of two or more parties with seemingly divergent interests requires creativity and involves the expansion of the solution choice-set to enable a win-win situation.

When negotiating in English in a multicultural and multilingual environment, Japanese are stereotypically known to adopt roles as observers rather than as active participants because they are relying on a Japanese cultural approach to negotiation. In Japanese education, problem solving and critical/creative thinking have not been valued at the core of learning and innovation. The 21st century calls for educational systems to ensure that their curriculum design and pedagogical practices emphasize and develop competencies that are crucial for successful negotiation. Our common goal is to prepare students to solve complex problems that are associated with living in a technological, competitive, and globally connected world.

This Global Negotiation Symposium will bridge theory, research and practice of negotiation in order to support teachers with practical skills, language and evaluative frameworks. The Global Negotiation Symposium provides an opportunity for researchers, negotiation practitioners, and language teachers to share their insights and best practices in order to significantly enrich the pedagogic environment for spoken interaction for both non-native and native speakers of English. Knowledge of and practical familiarization with the pragmatic norms of negotiation within relevant communities of practice is an important aspect of socialization for native speakers and foreign language learners alike. One outstanding innovation of this Global Negotiation Symposium will be workshop opportunities for participants to observe students negotiating at JUEMUN and learn about a Model United Nations simulation as a community of practice.