2017: The first Global Negotiation Symposium

This unique symposium can be viewed according to the KASA framework (Freeman, 1989).

KASA = Knowledge + Awareness + Skills + Attitude

Knowledge and Awareness through communicative, sociolinguistic and pragmatic insights into this critical speech event known as negotiation

“a complex collection of elements and entail aspects of strategizing, advocacy communication, persuasion, and cognitive packaging and repackaging of information” Lewicki (1997, p. 265)

Skills – negotiation as a skill is developed experientially-through simulation, role-play, games, discussion or debate

Attitude – negotiation is a matter of Attitude and perception it can be learned.

At the Global Negotiation Symposium, there will be opportunities to observe students negotiating at JUEMUN and learn about a Model United Nations simulation as a community of practice.

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